What is thermography?

An infrared thermal scan is a 15-20 minute, non-invasive, radiation free, test of physiology and a valuable procedure for alerting of changes that can indicate early stage disease.

Why is my doctor unaware?

Doctors are either unaware of thermography or have outdated information of its validity and benefits, thus don't make the effort to learn more about this potentially life-saving technology.

Do you accept Insurance?

We do not provide billing or any assistance in health insurance reimbursement, but do provide an invoice and payment receipt for your filing purposes.

Does it tell me if I have cancer?

Thermograms, just like mammograms and ultrasounds, are used for screening only. None of them diagnose cancer. Only biopsies can provide a diagnosis.

Do I need a referral by a doctor?

No you do not need a referral. Most are referred by health practitioners, but we do not require a referral for a scan. A referral may be helpful when filing an insurance claim.

Is it a safe scan for everyone?

Yes, thermography is just as safe and painless as having your photograph taken. Infrared scanning (or thermography) uses no radiation or compression of the body.

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